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supa hot crew

Marcin "Kori" Wolski MYM threatened Kori with taking his mother's house
Kori left Meet Your Makers just days before the LCS season, for reasons now revealed.
Screengrab from From Not to Hot: Supa Hot Crew Kori returns to Meet Your Makers after fine for breach of contract
The man who bailed on his team days before the season is back and taking a leadership role.
CST Impaler Impaler on Supa Hot Crew's breakup and that surprise Baron throw
The Team Coast player talks about coaching, the breakup of Supa Hot Crew, and the NA solo queue.
Mimer with Supa Hot Crew Meet Your Makers returns to the LCS with Supa Hot Crew pick up
Meet Your Makers picks up Supa Hot Crew, adds H0r0, Nisbeth to lineup
AhrG1Ju.jpg (851×315) Amin and Mithy trying out for Supa Hot Crew
More changes may be in store for the team following its apparent move to Meet Your Makers.
SUPAHOTCREW.S14.TMPROFILE_3.jpg (550×315) Supa Hot Crew is moving to MYM—and sponsor Acer had no idea
Staff at Acer say they only learned about the move earlier today when a Riot employee called to ask if the transfer was complete.