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Patreon and Subbable logos Patreon just bought John Green's YouTube crowdfunding platform
The way creative people make a living online is changing drastically.
Slov-Matic Bratislava Christmas tree topper Gift ideas for the YouTube lover in your life
We're got suggestions if you're stumped on presents for a YouTube fanatic.
youtube play shape cut out of fan funding logo pattern YouTube creators can now raise funds, but can they raise awareness?
With fan funding, fans can support their favorite YouTube channels with the click of a button.
youtube tip jar You'll soon be able to tip your favorite stars on YouTube
For just $10 a day, you can sponsor this poor, starving content creator. 
tumblr_mt14lxKGH61s4sgqko1_1280.jpg (1280×1280) The definitive guide to the Vlogbrothers family tree
The Vlogbrothers planet is vast, and it exists in the galaxies of YouTube, publishing, and mainstream Hollywood culture simultaneously.
top10youtube2.png (1440×720) The 10 most influential YouTube channels of 2013
In a year of pranks and fails, these are the channels and creators that left the biggest mark on YouTube this year—and not always for the better.