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Indie game studio wants to take third-person shooters to the playpen
It's toddler against toddler in frantic online multiplayer shooter game.
Steam logo pattern Steam accounts were vulnerable to serious password-reset bug for 4 days
It wasn't a hack, but it was just as bad.
Promotional illustration for the GOG Galaxy service. GOG Galaxy set to challenge Steam's PC-gaming dominance
GOG Galaxy promises DRM-free game purchases and cross-play with Steam.
Could a mysterious countdown clock mean we're finally getting Half-Life 3?
The Black Mesa Research Facility website now has a timer.
steam logo going up in flames Paid mods have already been yanked from Steam Workshop by Valve
Valve and Bethesda state that the new policy was a mistake.
Valve limiting social features on Steam to anyone who hasn't spent $5 Valve fights spam by limiting Steam social features to people who spend money
Requiring a purchase before granting full access is meant to fight malicious accounts.
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