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I ship it film Wizard Rock gets a must-watch romantic comedy
Harry Potter fandom is front and center in new coming-of-age short film.
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These YouTubers are earning cash the old-fashioned way—with a twist.
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The performer is ready to share a new side of himself with his fans.
avpsy Starkid says goodbye to Harry Potter, hello to… Aladdin?
Starkid has learned more than just how to make magic in the three years since A Very Potter Musical became an overnight YouTube sensation.
coulsonlives-header The top 9 things that made fandom squee in 2012
In fandom, it was a year of long-awaited and highly anticipated returns, reboots, and reunions. 
leakycon-header The evolution of Harry Potter fandom
We still need Harry Potter like a Grindylow needs water, but the recent Leakycon illustrated the changing the nature of HP fandom.