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starcraft 2

Bookmakers Major bookmaker opens esports book, boasts 'high four figure bets'
If you thought esports betting wasn't already big, you can now bet on World of Tanks.
Cyclone unit preview LotV Automated tournaments are coming to the StarCraft 2 expansion beta
The highly anticipated feature is now playable on the Legacy of the Void beta.
MC wins his first trophy StarCraft 2's highest earning player just hung up his mouse
The Boss Toss won hearts with his fun-loving attitude and bloodthirsty gameplay.
HasuObs Mouz jersey After 11 years, an esports veteran finally parts ways with his team
The German Protoss player is moving to Heroes of the Storm, ending the longest tenure in esports for a player.
Gfinity Parting victorious in first Gfinity Masters StarCraft event
The first Gfinity Masters event in 'StarCraft 2' is now in the books.
Naniwa Naniwa continues comeback, joins Property
One of the most controversial names in 'StarCraft 2' made a big move.
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