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Protoss warpin during LotV Cinematic trailer The first Legacy of the Void major will happen at DreamHack Winter
A $50,000 tournament will usher in the next StarCraft 2 expansion just weeks after its launch.
MC and HuK post-game interview Battlegrounds DC 'Retired' MC wins Red Bull Battlegrounds with HuK
The Archon Mode tournament showcased what the next version of Starcraft 2 has to offer.
For the first time ever, a non-Korean wins a WCS Premiere Season
The French Protoss player pulled off one of the biggest comebacks ever to secure a historic victory.
Red Bull Battlegrounds Archon Santa Monica Red Bull Battlegrounds shows that Archon Mode is just what StarCraft needs
The new Archon Mode is just what the doctor ordered for StarCraft 2.
Bookmakers Major bookmaker opens esports book, boasts 'high four figure bets'
If you thought esports betting wasn't already big, you can now bet on World of Tanks.
Cyclone unit preview LotV Automated tournaments are coming to the StarCraft 2 expansion beta
The highly anticipated feature is now playable on the Legacy of the Void beta.