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starcraft 2

Crowd inside IEM Katowice 2015 IEM Katowice sells out early entrance passes in seconds
The IEM event is one of the premiere esports events of the year.
MMA and MC at HomeStory Cup StarCraft pro belts out perfect 'Let It Go' rendition just in time for Elsa's birthday
The highest earning StarCraft 2 player in history may have a new career ahead of him.
StarCraft 2 player Rain retires from professional competition StarCraft 2 player Rain retires
The South Korean player is taking a step back from professional competition.
ACTIBLIZZION Activision Blizzard creating dedicated esports division headed by ESPN, MLG executive
Activision Blizzard create dedicated esports division with ESPN and MLG executives.
Total Biscuit YouTube gamer TotalBiscuit reveals inoperable cancer, disbands Axiom
The popular online personality will continue to fight with chemo treatments.
Protoss warpin during LotV Cinematic trailer The first Legacy of the Void major will happen at DreamHack Winter
A $50,000 tournament will usher in the next StarCraft 2 expansion just weeks after its launch.