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Mario AmiiboWorld's hardest Super Mario World level obliterated
It may be a TAS, but it's an impressive one.
Mario RunningThe Super Mario speedrunning record was demolished 5 times in one week
All thanks to an amazing bit of hacking.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeHow that unbelievable blindfolded Zelda run happened
Earlier this month, Drew Wissler put together one of the most impressive video game feats of the year.
Tetris DS ScreenshotThis is the most amazing game of Tetris you'll ever see
Kevin Birrell is not of this world.
Super Mario BrosGamers are speedrunning as fast as they can for charity
Awesome Games Done Quick is back.
B3UMYL6.jpg (3798×2475)Hitbox streams triple amid Twitch defections
Twitch's users, unhappy about a series of recent changes, are fleeing to competitors. 
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