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queen's guard Queen's Guard solider threatens tourist with bayonet
Funny costume. Deadly weapon.
Siamese Cat on Couch Cats give their returning soldiers the cold, furry shoulder
Our feline friends make it clear it's all about them.
ejgjTBI.png (1280×715) Soldier adopts the dog who saved his life
She saved his life—and then he saved hers.
editing wikipedia Twitter bot detects Russian edits to Wikipedia page about MH17
Who was responsible for the deadliest attack in the Ukrainian war? Depends who you ask.
sl5YJ0P.jpg (1024×768) Cat gives his soldier a warm welcome home
Someone's acting like a dog around here.
iPhone 5 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! How an iPhone saved a soldier's life in Afghanistan suicide bombing
Calls don't get much closer than this.