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Slim Thug The curious case of new apps from rappers Slim Thug and Meek Mill
The concept of the game is simple: pick up chicks and avoid the haters.
dog playing piano Give it up for these 7 talented dogs on National Dog Day
Praising the pooches that makes us proud.
Compton, Dr. Dre Dr. Dre cements legacy as the greatest rap producer on star-studded 'Compton'
Dr. Dre records a balanced, agile blockbuster at 50.
Snoop Dogg wants to be Twitter's next CEO
Could he be the leader the company needs, rather than the one it wants?
Snoop Dogg Apparently, Snoop Dogg thinks Caitlyn Jenner is a 'science project'
Snoop Dogg wants us to stop paying attention to transgender people and pay more attention to Akon.