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smite world championships

Unleashing the Kraken in Smite Xbox Smite for Xbox is coming to MLG
Next week Smite hits Xbox One, and it'll have an esports circuit to go along with it.
Scylla Smite Watch the $800,000-winning play that settled the Smite World Championships
The game ended on a signature play by the tournament's most valuable player.
Cognitive Prime with Big Check Cognitive Prime is officially the best Smite team on the planet
It was a storybook finish to Smite's first year as an esport.
Smite Can Smite become the first MOBA to conquer the console?
HiRez's Todd Harris on Smite's ambitious move to the Xbox One.
Neith and Fenrir Smite Cinematic HiRez's Todd Harris on Smite's million dollar esports future
One of the three biggest esports events ever launched earlier today.
SWC Trophy Watch the $2.6 million Smite World Championships here
Don't miss one of the best esports events of the year.