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Hungrybox Hungrybox takes down Mang0 to win PAX Arena
Sixty-two players were whittled down to one this weekend.
EVO Mash Up 10 takeaways from the EVO 2016 lineup reveal
EVO's game list and venues mark big changes going forward.
EVO Mash Up Street Fighter V, 2 Smash Bros. titles highlight EVO 2016 lineup
Inclusion of 'Pokken' and the exclusion of 'Ultra Street Fighter IV' among the biggest shockers.
Undertale voted 'best game ever'—thanks to these pranksters
GameFAQs asked the wrong people.
The Smash Bros. Melee 2015 tier list has some interesting changes
SmashBoards has released the official Melee tier list for 2015.
Hungrybox takes down Armada Hungrybox beats Armada in the Smash Bros. Melee finals at DreamHack Winter
Armada's four-month winning streak has ended.