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Mecha Rammus Three teams qualify for MSI in action-packed League of Legends weekend
Korea, China, and the International Wild Card tournament all crowned champions.
Goalkeeper Maokai splash art League of Legends playoffs continue across Asia—here's what you need to know
Last night an explosive set of quarterfinals for three separate pro League of Legends leagues in Asia completed.
Scout leaves SKT
It isn't easy playing behind Faker every game.
IEM Katowice Trophy These are the 8 teams that will compete at IEM Katowice
One of the year's biggest tournaments now has it competitors.
Duke with NaJin Duke replaces MaRin on SKT
The world champions will add one of LCK's best kept secrets in the top lane.
Easyhoon at Worlds Semis 2015 Easyhoon signs with Vici Gaming in deal reportedly worth $860,000
The Chinese side signed one of the offseason's hottest commodities.