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Easyhoon: 'It doesn’t really matter what I think, it matters what the team thinks'
Faker might be the most talented player in League of Legends, but Easyhoon might be the easiest to coach.
SKT1 wins Champions Spring No Faker, no problem: SK Telecom T1 sweeps GE Tigers
Korea's best team doesn't need the world's best League of Legends play to win the championship
Lee "Rush" Yoon-jae League of Legends Player Rush: 'I chose America, not money'
The word 'potential' is thrown around like candy in esports. Here's one player who deserves it.
People Holding Signs in Stands Faker gets benched, comes back with a pentakill
It was an odd day for the best player on the planet.
SK Telecom T1 K Another big name leaves SK Telecom
The top laner of the 2013 League of Legends world champs will not return to the team.
PartinG beats Flash in Proleague 4 Koreans flee KeSPA for 'new experiences' despite region lock
PartinG has his sights set on a return to the Western scene. Why? Passion.