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simple pickup

Mushrooms Guys prove tripping on shrooms is terrible for picking up women
They're looking for some fun(gus).
Playboy Models Reads Night Before Christmas Playboy models botch ''Twas the Night Before Christmas' in this super-NSFW video
What's next, dudes singing "Jingle Bells" while using a Fleshlight?
20 dollar bill Pick-up artists are hiding $10,000 in Fleshlights all over L.A.
The YouTube channel Simple Pickup is hiding $10,000 in a bunch of rubber vaginas throughout L.A.
frat bros with 40 oz beers taped in hands with youtube logo faces YouTube has a ‘social experiment’ problem
It’s been pointed out that YouTube has a “creep problem,” and eradicating this overgrowth isn't going to be easy.
top10youtube2.png (1440×720) The 10 most influential YouTube channels of 2013
In a year of pranks and fails, these are the channels and creators that left the biggest mark on YouTube this year—and not always for the better.
tP6yXs4.png (PNG Image, 640 × 426 pixels) Motorboating pick-up artists finally find a way to donate their money
Like good pick-up artists, the guys of Simple Pickup didn't let rejection get them down.