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patchwork of various avengers logos Fanartist illustrates Avengers fandom ship names with hilarious results
With names like 'stucky,' these were bound to be amazing.
dictionary adds 'basic,' 'brogrammer,' and 'revenge porn'
Your vocabulary just got bigger.
bathtub Now you can ship your enemies a vaginal cleaning kit
There's nothing subtle about sending this message.
Brick pile with post office logo. The 9 craziest things you can ship online
Ship Your Enemies Glitter is only the beginning of the trend.
Empty Cardboard Boxes 'Ship Your Friends Nothing' is a truly twisted spin-off
If you can't 'Ship Your Enemies Glitter,' then 'Ship Your Friends Nothing.' I guess.
Glitter On Hands If Ship Your Enemies Glitter is a joke, so is every startup
Hoax or successful exit? You decide.