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Cute Bear Face Meet the 8-year-old girl who created the world's most annoying teddy bear
This bear only cost $20 and one friendship.
dictionary adds 'basic,' 'brogrammer,' and 'revenge porn'
Your vocabulary just got bigger.
bathtub Now you can ship your enemies a vaginal cleaning kit
There's nothing subtle about sending this message.
Brick pile with post office logo. The 9 craziest things you can ship online
Ship Your Enemies Glitter is only the beginning of the trend.
Empty Cardboard Boxes 'Ship Your Friends Nothing' is a truly twisted spin-off
If you can't 'Ship Your Enemies Glitter,' then 'Ship Your Friends Nothing.' I guess.
Glitter On Hands If Ship Your Enemies Glitter is a joke, so is every startup
Hoax or successful exit? You decide.