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Cocktales with Esther Funny ladies get candid about sex in ‘Cocktales with Little Esther’
Don't worry, every interviewee gets a safe word.
One in 3 women regularly watches porn
Marie Claire got down and dirty on women's porn-viewing habits.
purity certificate Virgin bride shows off her 'certificate of purity' on Instagram
It included a note from her doctor verifying that her hymen is still intact.
indiana university Frat suspended after hazing video shows pledge performing oral sex on alleged stripper
Another banner moment for fraternities.
Kinsey Scale New take on the Kinsey scale considers levels of romantic attraction
Maybe this will help demystify romantic relationships a bit more.
abstract art of tinder logo Controversial new billboard about STD testing is suspiciously close to Tinder headquarters
One educational group has gone balls-out with their message.