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pLDELFX.jpg (1600×1200) In defense of the Fleshlight—why there's nothing wrong with sex toys for men
Why are men are still afraid to use sex toys to help them get off?
sex/gender tattoo stock Gender transition is 'second puberty'—and trans people need an awkward sex ed video about it
Are you there, God? It's me, hormone replacement therapy.
Miley Cyrus is hosting this year's MTV VMAs Miley Cyrus comes out as pansexual—here's what that means
Pansexuality means an attraction to any expression of gender.
Josh Duggar Josh Duggar's hypocrisy is part of a much larger cultural problem
What's done in the dark comes into the light.
abstract art of lgbt triangle The rise of the solosexual—how a new generation is rewriting the rules of sexuality
Here's why half of British millennials say they're 'not straight.'
woman in bed Why do so many women prefer masturbation to sex?
A new infographic shines light on the surprising issue women are experiencing in bed.
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