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Sticky: A Self-Love Story 'Sticky,' a new documentary about masturbation, explores the stigma surrounding self-love
Almost all of us do it. Most of us won't talk about it.
bros New BRO app connects straight guys who want to experiment
You can also use it to find a 'long-term bromance.'
WWW sex shop For the brave, great deals can be had for used sex toys online
Great deals can be found on used sex toys. But at what cost?
The blewit!, a new sex toy for men, promotes 'mindful masturbation'
The blewit! claims it can make men better lovers.
I saw you on Tinder You can now find an STI testing locator through Tinder
It's a major step for safer sex.
Welcome to Utah sign and landscape This state has the most virgins, according to OkCupid data
If Virginia is for lovers, Utah is for virgins.