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illustration of a banana and a condom No, this German sex-ed site wasn't created to teach Muslim migrants not to rape
An outrage-baiting rumor has spun out of control.
black men kissing Exclusive: North Carolina and Mississippi are watching tons of black gay porn on Pornhub
The states with the worst anti-gay laws sure love black gay porn.
an origami heart with the trans flag painted on Trans woman describes what it's like to have your vagina melt off after surgery
On the new blog Truth Speak Project, women tell all.
How men discuss erectile dysfunction online The men who look for help online for erectile dysfunction might surprise you
Penis problems are scary, but the Internet can help.
Sticky: A Self-Love Story 'Sticky,' a new documentary about masturbation, explores the stigma surrounding self-love
Almost all of us do it. Most of us won't talk about it.