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sexual violence

child bride video Child marriage is legal in Lebanon, and this video wants to stop it
An adult man and his child bride appear in provocative human rights video.
Police officers are sexually terrorizing black women—and the law allows it
The war on black women is a war on America.
game of thrones rape scenes Someone figured out how often rape occurs in 'Game of Thrones'
The results are staggering no matter how you look at them.
Barack Obama President Obama delivered a powerful message in a Grammys PSA
The president wanted the assembled musicians to pay attention.
UN Summit Time to Act Can Angelina Jolie help end rape in conflict zones?
It's up to all of us to make a difference.
Maleficent Angelina Jolie Disney Sleeping Beauty Yes, the 'Maleficent' rape scene matters for all women
Fairy tale or not, Maleficent is reflective of the experiences of #YesAllWomen.