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anthony weiner coyly speaking to the viewer and winkingAnthony Weiner, in a stroke of insanity, tweeted about a 'PP'
Just because he's retired from public office doesn't mean Anthony Weiner has left us with nothing to laugh about.
sextingDoes sexting count as cheating?
The definition of what constitutes cheating is relative—or is it?
four leaf clover Spice up your sexting game with NSFW St. Patrick's Day emoji
Maybe the luck of the Irish will help get you lucky.
snapchat on phoneA girl used just one finger to give dudes a hilarious sexting lesson
Don't think NSFW photos are an art? Think again.
Snapchat iPhone BedSex ed is finally catching up to the digital age
Are educators ready to teach students about sexting, Snapchat, and Pornhub?
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