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Anthony Weiner How Anthony Weiner changed the internet
Things are different in the post-Weinergate era.
image of toy robot The sexy and seductive lady-bots of Tinder, ranked
The competition is fierce out there.
jkl eggplant Emoji variations may confuse people, but everyone recognizes sexting emoji
When it comes to emoji interpretations, Jimmy Kimmel is on the case.
All sizes | Pro Juventute Aufklärungskampagne ‚Sexting’ Themenbild_05 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Doctors are getting sexts from patients in search of a diagnosis
Here's a dick pic. For your health.
Shattered red iPhone A man posed as a kid on Instagram and AOL to extort nudes from his teen daughter
He faces up to 250 years in prison—and the only person he feels sorry for is himself.
Texts from a Beta Woman turns sexts into a surprisingly beautiful song
It's as NSFW as it is strangely compelling.