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broken iphone Child pornography indictment stuns Kakao Talk, Korea's most popular messaging app
A harrowing case has the top execs of Kakao Talk in a bind.
woman texting At least 100 students are caught up in a Colorado school 'sexting ring' bust
Authorities say the students swapped nudes like trading cards.
pizza bikini flirtmoji We spoke with a Flirtmoji artist about sex-themed emojis
Flirtmoji aren't just for sexting. They're symbols of how we live now.
sexting irl What sexting would be like if you did it IRL
It's awkward. Very awkward.
sexting Sexting is not always the innocent flirtation teens think it is—especially when they're underaged
A flirty but NSFW photo has can have far-reaching consequences that a teen never anticipated.