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Funimation's 'Prison School' dig incenses Gamergate and anime translation purists
'Are you one of those dumbass Gamergate creepshows?'
Woman's hand holding red engagement ring With 'no hymen, no diamond' mantra, men's rights activists hunt for the perfect virgin
There's no way to prove virginity, but that has not stopped some men from trying.
Even when she's winning, Hillary Clinton can't win
#Emailgate is far from the former Secretary of State's biggest problem.
pocahontas Native American woman convinces Netflix to change the synopsis for 'Pocahontas'
She said the synopsis reinforced stereotypes about Native American women.
Someone is building a coding language out of emoji The hidden sexism when employers don’t hire from coding boot camps
How can tech diversify when it's shutting off a major pipeline?
Is Carly Fiorina good for women?
Yes and no.