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melissa mccarthy ghostbuster Melissa McCarthy responds to the 'Ghostbusters' backlash
She's far from the first person involved with the film to touch on it.
kim kardashian snapchat dog filter How did the dog face become Snapchat's 'hoe filter'?
Women love the dog filter—and men are shaming them for it.
masculine man standing in front of hillary's presidential logo Men are not OK, need to be reassured they're #ManEnough4Hillary
It's cool, guys, you can vote for a woman.
image of a stripper pole A Louisiana representative actually proposed weight and age limits for strippers
The legislation would cap stripping jobs at age 28 and under 160 lbs.
the joker DC Entertainment responds to turmoil over sexual harassment claims
Several major players in the comics industry have been publicly accused of sexual harassment.
twitter  bird dressed up in a business suit #IfTwitterWereAMan sounds like a nightmare
There'd be even more dick pics than there are already.