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sexism in geek culture

layla murphy weird al yankovic stormtroopers The 501st Legion rallied behind an 8-year-old girl who was bullied for liking 'Star Wars'
She’s got the Empire on her side now. And Weird Al.
Milo Manara's "Spider-Woman" Marvel to publish that hilariously sexist Spider-Woman cover
When you've got a sexist PR disaster on your hands... flaunt it?
3751651544_7671deb366_o.jpg (3648×2736) Female comics writers and fans mock the idea they don't exist
Think women don't read comics? Here's a hashtag for you.
Valentin_de_Boulogne,_Judith_and_Holofernes.jpg (1099×770) Zoe Quinn claims 4chan was behind GamerGate the whole time
The long-harassed Quinn screengrabbed what she claims is evidence that 4chan manufactured GamerGate from the start.
2012-06-07 04.41.33.jpg (640×480) Comic shop employee claims she got fired for calling out its 'rape room'
"I told Larry I was a rape survivor. He still refused to address the issue."
Tropes vs. Women What every conversation on women in gaming is really about
Anita Sarkeesian has 99 problems. They are all misogyny.