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adriaheadphones Adria Richards is putting #donglegate behind her
On Wednesday, Richards issued a statement to AllThingsD, in which she advocated for inclusivity and diversity in the technology industry.
aurora The Ada Initiative sounds off on the Adria Richards backlash
Is #donglegate an isolated incident or a sign of something larger going on in tech? We spoke with Valerie Aurora, cofounder of the Ada Initiative, an advocacy group for women in tech and geek culture.
richardsyt Inside 4chan's plot to get Adria Richards fired
Mid-#donglegate, 4chan launched a DDoS attack on Adria Richards's company, SendGrid, to try to get her fired. She lost her job. Here's what happened.
adriarichards As Adria Richards backlash grows violent, SendGrid publicly fires her
Adria Richards, who caused an online outrage over a "big dongles" joke at a programmers' conference called PyCon, has been fired—publicly, on Facebook.