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sorority selfies diamondbacks game Sorority sisters ask selfie-shamers to support domestic violence victims
'We are happy to have the opportunity to shed some positive light on such a sensitive subject.'
Camera Confident I took a 'camera confidence' class to improve my selfies
The first lesson in the series is called 'Goodbye Double Chin.'
Jaromir Jagr Model's attempt to blackmail hockey star with post-sex selfie completely backfires
Who thought this plan could have worked?
Divorce selfies are good for the kids
Breaking up is hard to do, but this might make it a little better for everyone—especially your children.
Tiger Woods with Shooter McGavin Golf legends Tiger Woods and Shooter McGavin snap selfie together
Tiger Woods has met his match.
Americans can't put down our cell phones—and it's actually killing us
You’re never too busy to make sure you don’t wind up a plot in the next 'Final Destination' movie.