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illustration of a corporate room Washington wants corporations to disclose their boards' cyber expertise
Everyone agrees that companies need cyber defenses. But is this the right approach?
Encrypted email House debates updating the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Privacy advocates and law-enforcement officials sparred over whether to require a warrant in all non-emergency situations.
1PUPaEU.jpg (796×439) MLG rides the eSports wave to record viewership
It's a good time to be MLG.
Bin Laden Osama | Flickr - Photo Sharing! The strangest shout-outs in Twitter's S-1 filing
What do Kevin Durant and Osama bin Laden have in common?
undefined Facebook's silence on PRISM could result in legal action
There was one significant risk Facebook didn't disclose before its initial public offering: the company's participation in an NSA operation.