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brigade Former Facebook president launches social network for politics
Is there anything we need less?
flickr-2999130055-ifill_1024x768.jpg (1430×768) Sean Parker is making a social network for politics
Because, you know, talking about politics online usually goes so well. 
INhAfrt.png (1300×650) Famous quotes skewered for the Internet age
Digital references are lacking from virtually all famous quotes in history. We decided to change that. 
undefined Craigslister posts Missed Connections ad for Wendy Davis
Wendy Davis's 11-hour filibuster for abortion rights in Texas ignited a fire in the hearts of all progressives.
WaitingonAirtime In search of companionship on Airtime
Daily Dot writer Justin Franz dives into the digital depths of Airtime, the new video-chat service from Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning.
parker fanning Airtime's Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker tank on "Fallon"
You'd think that after launching a video-chat service, these two Napster pioneers would be better at small talk.