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science fiction

Sci-fi fans clash over Mark Oshiro's 'guest of honor' experience at convention
A new controversy is rocking the sci-fi community.
illustration of planets Netflix will bring to life beloved steampunk novel 'Altered Carbon'
Laeta Kalogridis, who also served as executive producer for 'Avatar,' will helm series.
mars Spike is turning Kim Stanley Robinson's 'Mars' trilogy into a TV show
'Red Mars' is the latest classic sci-fi novel to get a TV adaptation -- and the creator of 'Babylon 5' is onboard.
This gorgeous short about a West African superheroine is a taste of the future
Nigerian filmmaker Nosa Igbinedion has given us a female superhero to be reckoned with.
Sci-fi and fantasy liquor label ties Raise a glass to this creative apparel line featuring sci-fi and fantasy liquor labels
Space Pirate Rum, Time Traveler’s Whiskey, and more feature on these shirts and ties.