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Sci-fi and fantasy liquor label ties Raise a glass to this creative apparel line featuring sci-fi and fantasy liquor labels
Space Pirate Rum, Time Traveler’s Whiskey, and more feature on these shirts and ties.
Police mystified by 'crashed UFO' in road that turns out to be a pizza oven
There's the third kind, the fourth kind, and the kind with anchovies.
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Rumors are swirling about a Dino-Riders film. Here are 7 other dinosaur films that need become a reality.
A brief history of science fiction's journey to Mars
Mankind has been going to Mars for centuries—in science fiction, that is.
The water on Mars discovery spoiled a key plot point of 'The Martian'
Mark Watney's survival would have been a whole lot easier if author Andy Weir had known what we know now.
A Scanner Darkly 'A Scanner Darkly' and 10 more Philip K. Dick adaptations you can stream today
Hollywood’s obsession with Dick shows no signs of slowing down.