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saudi arabia

glass Saudi man miraculously survives when sheet of glass falls on him
We have one question: How?
Saudi women with smartphones Saudi Arabia now lets women vote and run for office
Saudi women still lack many basic rights, but they just gained two more.
Silhouette of twin towers on fire above Saudi sword flag Why the CIA isn't covering up a Saudi-9/11 connection in their declassified commission report
The CIA just declassified an investigation on 9/11. Why's the whole section on the Saudi connection left blank?
monkeys Watch some monkeys take over a children's playground in Saudi Arabia
They aren't just playing on the monkey bars.
Women in burqas Saudi princess Reema Bint Bandar al Saud pushes for women's rights at SXSW
"I'm just a small character in a really big game."
Microphone 7 times government crackdowns on free speech went disastrously wrong
Silencing dissent only has the opposite effect.