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russian meteor

undefined The fast, furious, and funny: Behind Russia's dash cam culture
Russian dash cam videos have become a unique subgenre of online entertainment, but they emerged entirely out of necessity.
ab Germany can't watch most of those Russian meteor videos
Royalties collection agency would need to be paid for the music playing on people's car stereos, picked up by dash cams.
meteor Footage of Russian meteor crash passes 100 million views
RussiaToday posted the most popular clip, which has had more than 26 million views.
nyanmeteor Internet unleashes barrage of too-soon Russian meteor memes
Inevitably, the Internet has meme-ified the meteor that injured over 900 people in Russia Friday.
putinmeteor 38 things Twitter is blaming for the Russian meteor
What's the cause of the Russian meteor? Probably physics. But everyone on Twitter has a theory anyway!