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Major tech conference says goodbye to booth babes
An information security conference is cracking down on using sex to sell.
undefined Inside the biggest anti-mass surveillance event in the U.K.
If the U.K. adopts better privacy laws, the launch of Don't Spy on Us is where it all started.
open-doors.jpg (1440×720) U.S. agency drops security algorithm over NSA backdoor concerns
“Nothing can be trusted. Everything is suspect.”
nsa-heartbleed.png (1440×720) NSA denies it had early knowledge of Heartbleed
“Reports that say otherwise are wrong."
OOTSx2Y.png (1024×512) Will Stephen Colbert cancel his speech at a company that helped the NSA?
Colbert is speaking at RSA, the company accused of giving its security keys to the NSA.
All sizes | Server room | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Security firm denies accepting a $10 million bribe from the NSA
"We categorically deny this allegation."