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TPP Protest What is TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
And what's up with that 'fast track' gizmo?
NCSC to Sen. Ron Wyden: OPM hack wasn't our fault
The buck stops... somewhere else.
Senator Ron Wyden looking sullen Sen. Ron Wyden on the lessons from the OPM hack and why he opposes CISA
'I will not casually give up these amendments that are so important to making a flawed bill better.'
Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren ask the FCC for tighter privacy rules
They're disturbed by ISPs' vague privacy rules.
Wyden, Heller introduce bill to stop warrantless aerial spying on Americans
Privacy advocates have praised the bill as a win for civil liberties.
abstract art of security camera NSA champion Dianne Feinstein swoops in to slow surveillance reform
Critics say it's a halfhearted attempt at reform.