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art of computer hacking ICAP, NDAA demand laws mandating encryption backdoors
Law enforcement say backdoors make it harder to catch criminals. But where's the evidence?
glitched image of ron wyden Sen. Ron Wyden is ready to defend encryption in Congress
Anti-encryption lawmakers are using Paris to push for backdoors. Ron Wyden has heard it all before.
image of capitol hill with data floating in the sky Congress plans encryption investigations as Paris attacks reignite 'crypto wars'
Independent experts overwhelmingly support strong encryption, but Congress is still worried about it.
glitched out image of the capitol building Here's what's next for CISA, the contentious cyber-threat bill
The Senate's passage of CISA is just the beginning.
White House, DHS back CISA despite privacy concerns
'There is an urgent and compelling need for cybersecurity legislation.'
glitched illustration of ron wyden CISA critic Sen. Ron Wyden on Thursday's preliminary Senate vote
The Senate advanced CISA on Thursday, but the battle over your privacy is not yet over.