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shopping cart speaking dollar signs Walmart may launch robotic shopping carts that follow you around the store
Let's hope the next step keeps us from walking around those huge stores.
a father in a bionic suit walking his daughter down the aisle Dad walks daughter down the aisle with an assist from bionic suit
Robotic exoskeleton let's dad live his dream.
STAR robot surgery This robotic surgeon is already better than humans, and it's just getting started
A robot surgeon performed better than its human counterparts.
Robot art Check out the first robot art competition, where bots battle for shares of a $100,000 pot
Bots are pitted against each other in this creative computing challenge.
DRU delivering a pizza Domino's is ready to roll out its new pizza delivery robot
Do you still have to tip?
emergency robot Study shows that when emergencies hit, humans will trust robots with their lives
In times of crisis, people implicitly trusted this bot.