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Screengrab from Fantastic Four The reboot is over—why I can't get excited about the new 'Fantastic Four' movie
After Batman, Spider-Man, and James Bond got a clean slate, audiences are all rebooted out.
Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is 2014's most pirated movie
A movie about pirates is still on the list.
captain america Captain America goes full '80s action hero in this fan-made trailer
Captain America meets RoboCop in the VHS-style trailer. 
undefined What the movies teach us about robots
With the trailer for Chappie hitting the Web, the film enters cinema's long conversation about man's relationship with machines.
Screen_Shot_2014-03-04_at_1.16.46_PM.png (910×682) These dancing New Orleans cops deserve all the Mardi Gras beads
Do you have any idea how fast you were twerking, sir?
Screen_Shot_2014-03-04_at_9.05.23_AM.png (814×483) Kickstarter: The $1 billion crowdfunding machine
On Monday, the company announced it had brokered its billionth dollar in pledges.