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rob ford

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Rob Ford, Toronto's famous mayor, dead at 46
He was battling cancer.
e7f3kOY.jpg (1024×768) Politician melts down on Reddit after comparison to Rob Ford
You should probably learn what slander is before you accuse someone of it.
6LCPeYY.jpg (1024×683) These Rob Ford fans may just give him a second term
Some people don't know the meaning of the term "lost cause."
Rob Ford Crush cops and smoke crack in the Rob Ford video game
In this platformer, the Toronto mayor jumps over reporters in pursuit of booze. Kinda like in real life.
bar.jpg (1440×720) No, these pot-smoking drunks aren’t running for mayor of Toronto
The campaign posters are fake, but their message is very real: No more Rob Ford.
imgur: the simple image sharer The Rob Ford train wreck steams onto YouTube with new show
This YouTube venture brings it all full circle.