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road trip

lip-sync Dude annoys sister for 7 hours straight with lip-syncing marathon
There's murder in her eyes.
road Can an app match you with the perfect place to live?
Wanna work out of a beachside shack in Bali? Try Teleport.
Kerouac "On The Road" Map Updated with Social Media Logos How social media changed the American road trip
I wanted a real experience—without the digital filters.
Flula Borg in Car YouTube's favorite German DJ is crowdfunding a road trip
We want to go to there.
futon4.jpg (3326×2202) Three friends brought a futon on their nature roadtrip and their photos went viral
Who knew three people, two dogs, and a futon could make such beautiful art?
TDD_-_x_Kia_Road_Trip_04b_ALTERNATE.jpg (743×495) 5 classic road trip games rebooted with your smartphone
It’s time we thought of some new versions of the games we grew up with, taking advantage of wireless technology.