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road trip

lip-sync Dude annoys sister for 7 hours straight with lip-syncing marathon
There's murder in her eyes.
road Can an app match you with the perfect place to live?
Wanna work out of a beachside shack in Bali? Try Teleport.
Kerouac "On The Road" Map Updated with Social Media Logos How social media changed the American road trip
I wanted a real experience—without the digital filters.
Flula Borg in Car YouTube's favorite German DJ is crowdfunding a road trip
We want to go to there.
It's road trip. This autocorrect gaffe was the best thing about Apple's iPad presentation
Watch "It's road trip" transform from harmless sentence fragment to comedy gold.
futon4.jpg (3326×2202) Three friends brought a futon on their nature roadtrip and their photos went viral
Who knew three people, two dogs, and a futon could make such beautiful art?