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DOJ shutters Sharebeast, the largest American music-sharing website
It's the biggest piracy site takedown since Megaupload.
kim dotcom halftone lichtenstein print Kim Dotcom's extradition delayed another 7 months
He can stay in that Mega masion for at least another seven months.
Record player Pandora hit with copyright lawsuit for streaming golden oldies
Pre-1972 recordings aren't protected by copyright, right?
record needle U.S. movie and music industries hit Kim Dotcom with lawsuits
And just after he launched a political party, too.
nbcpendulum.jpg (1440×720) Inside the confusing, contradictory world of Internet piracy studies
Why can't researchers agree on whether piracy helps or hurts the media business?
All sizes | film | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Copyright industry says harsh piracy laws are good for the economy
Want to save the economy? Stop downloading music.