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RIAA head explains what he hates about the DMCA and YouTube Why record labels are peeved with YouTube
RIAA CEO Cary Sherman explains what's wrong with the DMCA.
DOJ shutters Sharebeast, the largest American music-sharing website
It's the biggest piracy site takedown since Megaupload.
kim dotcom halftone lichtenstein print Kim Dotcom's extradition delayed another 7 months
He can stay in that Mega masion for at least another seven months.
Record player Pandora hit with copyright lawsuit for streaming golden oldies
Pre-1972 recordings aren't protected by copyright, right?
record needle U.S. movie and music industries hit Kim Dotcom with lawsuits
And just after he launched a political party, too.
nbcpendulum.jpg (1440×720) Inside the confusing, contradictory world of Internet piracy studies
Why can't researchers agree on whether piracy helps or hurts the media business?