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rhett and link

Rhett and Link pizza test YouTube stars put food to the test with 'Will It Pizza?'
Only the most hard-hitting questions on 'Good Mythical Morning.'
hand cutting 35mm film of youtube logo What it's really like to work for a YouTube star
"These jobs didn't exist five years ago."
VVMWyta.jpg (3600×2408) Rhett and Link on the changing face of YouTube
We caught with them at VidCon about protecting the “age of innocence," creating a spin-off, and why they love picking their fans’ brains.
elsa frozen youtube complaints Barely Political’s YouTube Complaints Desk returns for 2014
Ah, the traditional airing of grievances.
VWzL5dg.png (851×467) The definitive rap battle of geeks vs. nerds
We just got the sequel to Al Yankovic's "White & Nerdy" we never knew we needed.
breakingbadmusical Watch a middle school musical adaptation of "Breaking Bad"
In exactly seven days, Breaking Bad—the best television drama since The Wire—returns for the second half of its final season. Catch up here.