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man holding retweet symbol and crying out of sheer joy Twitter just fixed the biggest problem with retweets
This was a long time coming.
7317967922_2fcc762d91_b.jpg (1024×768) Save yourself from Twitter embarrassment with this small tweak
First, unlock your smartphone. It's legal now!
twitter-money.jpg (1440×720) The dark art of paying for retweets
A flourishing industry has formed around paying for retweets. Here's how to buy social media influence like a pro.
Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore_2.jpg (4752×3168) Fake Donald Trump tweet manages to trump Trump
We've reached peak narcissism.
cuA0Jhx.png (1300×650) The subtle art of the fake retweet
Don’t believe everything you fav.  
Twitter How Twitter is helping fight discrimination against sex workers
When sex workers are in trouble, Twitter rallies around them.