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Clouds gathering Online Christian group predicts the world will end Wednesday
To be fair, they've been wrong once before.
pope francis giving a thumbs up Pope Francis met with his gay close friend, not just Kim Davis, on U.S. trip
Francis' longtime friend came forward to defend him after news broke that he met with Kim Davis.
illustration of kim davis Vatican tries to dispel the idea that Pope Francis is a Kim Davis fan
The Holy See stressed that the meeting between the two was 'brief'.
illustration of kim davis Vatican confirms that Pope Francis met privately with Kim Davis
No further comment regarding the meeting is expected from Vatican officials.
abstract art of a pole dancer Alabama could start taxing porn—and it's the biggest buzzkill ever
Alabama wants to send the porn industry flying away on a sin wagon. And it's all about money.
Bacon Frying Praise the Lard at the Church of Bacon
They're fighting discrimination against atheists...with bacon.