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rehtaeh parsons suicide

imgur: the simple image sharer Online bullies of Rehtaeh Parsons exposed
#OpJustice4Rehtaeh released the identities of 19 people in a Facebook group supporting the alleged rapists of teen suicide victim Rehtaeh Parsons.
bwrehtaeh Could this anti-bullying plan have saved Rehtaeh Parsons?
Maybe—if Canadian officials had followed through with it.
rehtaehbluesky Nova Scotia is starting to take Rehtaeh Parsons's death seriously
Earlier today, premier Darrell Dexter announced he’d appointed a cabinet minister to oversee the government’s response to Parsons's death. 
rehtreah10 Anonymous has the names of Rehtaeh Parsons's alleged rapists
Anonymous may soon release the names of four teenagers who allegedly raped 15-year-old Rehtaeh Parsons in 2011.
rehtaeh2 Did schools and police fail teenage rape victim Rehtaeh Parsons?
Rehtaeh Parsons was a victim of a vicious campaign of harassment and shaming by her classmates. Schools and police were either hopelessly ignorant or indifferent.
rehtaeh After gang-rape photo goes viral, 17-year-old victim hangs herself
Thanks to Amanda Todd, we know this story all too well: Sexual abuse leads to online harassment, and as the police drag their feet, a teenage girl ends her life.