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dog smiling Dog chases toy, hits fence, completes front flip without breaking stride
Some of us will do anything to get that toy back
John Travolta Stepping off Plane John Travolta allegedly chats up gym-hitting redditor at 3am
Nothing creepy about this...
gay-reddit.png (1440×720) The definitive guide to gay Reddit
Your guide to gaymers, gaybros, LGBTrees, and more. The enormous LGBT network on Reddit will surprise you.
unidan.png (1440×720) This ecologist and amateur comic is the most popular man on Reddit
He doesn't even post pictures of cats.
undefined This Internet hero made tiny paper hats for his 3-legged cat
The Cat in the Hat has nothing on comic artist Adam Ellis's three-legged kitty.
undefined Reddit reunites a widow with her old photographs
Expecting a lot of drunk people on the disposable camera he found, this redditor found something a lot more touching.