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reddit_secret_main2.png (1500×982) I took part in Reddit's Secret Santa and all I got was this amazing T-shirt
More than 58,000 people took part in Reddit's Secret Santa—including me.
undefined The inevitable fall of the Reddit moderator
Reddit's new Terms of Service agreement canonizes the site's moderators between a rock and a hard place. 
11/22/13: Reddit, Pee-Wee Herman, And Arnold Schwarzenegger Band Togehter To Make Black Friday Slightly Less Awful Reddit's wild plan to make Black Friday less terrible this year
"Part home-shopping-network, part old-school-holiday-variety-show, part fundraiser telethon, and part Muppets Take Manhattan."
imgur: the simple image sharer Do your Black Friday shopping from home, thanks to Reddit
The livestreaming "Redditgifts Shopping Network" is an online alternative to the crowds and early morning hours that are native to the biggest shopping day of the year.
The Daily Dot - Inside Reddit's ambitious marketplace that runs on happiness Reddit's holiday gift exchange sets back-to-back Guinness World Records
RedditGifts 2012 broke its own world record, with more than 40,000 gift-givers participating.
undefined Inside Reddit's ambitious marketplace that runs on happiness
Redditgifts wants to be the best place on the Internet to buy a gift for anyone in the world.