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Rebecca Black

doge-dj.jpg (1440×720)These are the memes of our lives
The Internet is now old enough to tell a story.
day a week medlyEvery day of the week gets a shoutout in this chronological supercut
From Saturday to Friday, it's a full week of music.
Gia Giudice's Christmas Video 'Season of Joy' With Group 3KT'Real Housewives' star's daughter releases holiday video about shopping
Well, it's better than Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You."
shane dawson movie clip not coolShane Dawson's 'Not Cool' hits select theaters today
The teen gross-out comedy aims to be this generation's American Pie.
youtube meetup VMAsWhat it's really like to attend a YouTuber meet-up
Screaming fans, selfies, and a lot of confused pedestrians.
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