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alisongold.jpg (1229×677) 'Shush Up': Behind Patrice Wilson's pretty hate-click machine
Is Patrice Wilson critiquing this very American obsession with empty culture and shock tactics, or is he just profiting from it? 
imgur: the simple image sharer Rebecca Black's new single, 'Saturday,' kinda rules
"I'm trying to get Friday out of my head," Rebecca Black sings.
ANCj2yj.png (850×467) From the people who ruined Fridays and Thanksgiving, here's 'Chinese Food'
We'll give Patrice Wilson this: He sticks to what he knows.
undefined In defense of Lisa Gail
This cougar from North Texas is more than just campy productions and warbling notes.
westbrook Nicole Westbrook does "Thanksgiving" on "Access Hollywood Live"
The new Rebecca Black begins her Thanksgiving charm offensive.
westbrook From the music factory that gave us "Friday," "It's Thanksgiving"
Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving," is so much like Rebecca Black's "Friday," that they even have the same producer.