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undefined Ray William Johnson settles Jukin Media lawsuit
After 48 hours in court, his legal team bowed out.
iIj3GPZ.png (850×466) YouTube star Ray William Johnson wins game-changing fair use lawsuit
Court sides with Ray William Johnson in fair use suit vs. Jukin Media.
job interview Ray William Johnson No, Ray William Johnson didn't plagiarize this YouTuber's creation
Sometimes it's just two people using the same tired jokes without malice—or humor.
YouTuber Ray William Johnson YouTuber Ray William Johnson is back with ‘How to Get a Date’
Think you know how to snag a date? Watch this first.
robby motz youtube =3 A guy you've never heard of now hosts one of YouTube's most popular shows
Many fans doubted that anyone on YouTube could fill RWJ's shoes. Turns out, they were right—no one already on the platform could.
rwj_movie.png (850×467) 'Breaking Bad' and YouTube stars align in 'Who's Driving Doug'
It's the first major live-action film role for YouTube star RWJ.