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abstract art of facebook logo Man convicted of rape after catfishing victims with fake Facebook profile
You never really know who you're talking to online.
We're still asking the wrong questions about the Bill Cosby rape allegations
Why would someone wait for 40 years to speak up about their rape? The answer isn't what Damon Wayans thinks.
A Woman with her Hair Draped Over her Face Why it's never OK to blame women's clothing for rape
Rape culture is so terrible that even survivors believe the hype.
Zoe Saldana It's On Us video Zoe Saldana, other A-listers star in new PSA about consent
The video is from the White House initiative It's On Us.
donald trump angrily holding a justice scale Donald Trump in '89: Unshackle cops from cries of police brutality
Donald Trump isn't soft on crime—even when the facts are against him.