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Rand Paul with NSA logo Rand Paul praises Edward Snowden for doing 'a service' to the U.S.
Paul also suggested a light sentence for the 'whistleblower.'
John Kasich The Internet picked an unlikely winner of Tuesday's GOP debate
Everybody's tweeting, but not about Trump
abstract art of drug pills Ireland is right—it's time to rethink how we treat heroin users
This should be the Internet's next big political movement.
Donald Trump How to watch the third 2016 GOP debate and what to expect
This debate will be shorter, the candidates will have more elbow room and there’ll be more canned speeches.
Rand Paul Rand Paul tries to grab 2016 attention with an all-day livestream
Get ready for nonstop Rand Paul action!
One moment perfectly illustrates the biggest problem with last night's GOP debate
After the debate, everyone changed handshakes and hugs. But one person was missing.