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rage comics

mickey 'Chaos Magic' is the new Normcore if you just believe enough
Magic is in the eye of the market.
Pepe the frog as 4chan logo The story behind 4chan's Pepe the Frog meme
The elusive Matt Furie on his greatest gift to the Internet.
Screen_Shot_2013-10-28_at_6.18.06_PM.png (1012×233) Bitstrips illustrate the absolute worst aspects of the Internet
Bitstrips are the new rage comics, except they're even easier to make and remarkably worse. 
undefined I graduated from the University of Reddit
After a heavy courseload, the grades are in for Reddit's free, volunteer-driven educational classes. 
rageface Pray for China: Rage toons are coming to Sina Weibo
Just when it seemed the Internet was ready to purge rage comics from its system, the cartoons have gone and jumped to a new host.
ohcrap Rejoice, Internet: Rage comics are dying a slow, painful death
The Internet's long communal nightmare may finally be ending. We now have hard data that proves rage comics are plummeting in popularity.