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united states A thread on Quora got optioned as a TV show
“The Second American Civil War” does have a nice ring to it.
4698707308_465f6b8a0a_o.jpg (3888×2592) A glimpse at what it's like to be a geek behind bars
A few self-admitted geeks took to Quora to share their lives from inside the Big House.
All sizes | Romantic Dinner | Flickr - Photo Sharing! 12 reasons not to take relationship advice from Quora
There are plenty of places to seek serious dating advice online. On Quora, you can find out more about relationship farting etiquette.
imgur: the simple image sharer Dear websites: We don't want your f**king apps
Hey, websites asking you to download a separate mobile app, the Internet has a message for you.
hathaway quora Quora answers, "Why do so many people hate Anne Hathaway?"
Is it her pixie haircut or her smug personality? Quora tries to explain all the hatred for the Oscar-winning actress.
ryangrimace Paul Ryan attacks President Obama on Quora
The vice-presidential nominee swung for the fences on a softball question posted to the social question-and-answer site.