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Retraction Watch logo watching Retraction Watch logo Science watchdog blog retracts its own article
They have a very good reason.
a logo combining the Reaction Watch logo and the COS logo. looks like an eye in a magnifying glass Academic watchdog spearheads online database of retracted papers
Retraction Watch partners with the Center for Open Science for crucial database.
reward pathway Study shows what really gets neuroscientists excited
Scientists aren’t immune to the lure of the impact factor
Ashley Eckstein on Her Universe's forward-thinking new publishing house
The 'Star Wars' voice actress and fashion mogul sounds off on her new girl-centric press.
peer review Scientists are taking steps to weed out the bad seeds of peer review
This is truly how science works.
battle 'Battle Hymn of the Digital Publisher': a media epic in verse
This is what they must have meant / When they spoke of 'shareable content.'