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prison dancer

undefined Watch prisoners set the world record for most people dancing in jail
At least 1,200 prisoners in Peru's Lurigancho banded together to dance their way to the record books. 
Filipino Prisoners Dance Their Way To The Big Screen Filipino prisoners dance their way to the big screen
Dance of the Steel Bars will be loosely based on Filipino inmates who scored a viral hit in 2007 with their recreation of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. 
prisondancer-header Web marvel "Prison Dancer" breaks ground onstage and online
What started as a viral rendition of "Thriller" in a Filipino prison has turned into a sprawling and innovate webseries and off-Broadway hit. 
wigs 10 Web series to watch in 2013
Here's our rundown on what's current, what's coming, and what we hope will come back.
transmedia Transmedia and the new art of storytelling
The most prominent writers, directors, and strategists in transmedia discuss the possibilities and difficulties of balancing multiple mediums.