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harry potter decoy J.K. Rowling reveals why the Dursleys don't like Harry Potter
Plus new insights into Hagrid and Dumbledore.
Tom Felton Draco Malfoy actor just discovered he's not really a Slytherin
There's another thing he no longer shares in common with his character.
Angelina Jolie in Maleficent Draco Malfoy and the undying appeal of bad boys and Big Bads
From Maleficent to Suicide Squad, villains are taking over pop culture.
Draco Malfoy Half Blood Prince J.K. Rowling gives fans Draco Malfoy's life story for Christmas
It's a holiday gift for all of us.
Tom Felton at conference J.K. Rowling has more to say about Draco Malfoy
If you think the golden child of Slytherin deserved more than a brief nod at the end of Book Seven, you're in luck.
imgur: the simple image sharer Pottermore's Halloween treats include 'Order of the Phoenix', Umbridge biography
You might dislike Umbridge even more afterwards.
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