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Wizard secrets leak and segregation ensues in J.K. Rowling's latest history lesson
Day three of Rowling's week-long reveal deals with the total segregation of wizards.
J.K. Rowling explores how the Salem Witch Trials devastated America's magical community
The Harry Potter author continued to share history lessons with her fans on Pottermore.
native american wizards pottermore J.K. Rowling delves into Native American magic in her first wizarding history lesson
European and African wizards visited North America long before Muggles 'discovered' it.
MACUSA pottermore fantastic beasts J.K. Rowling is giving us a week-long lesson in North American wizarding
We've never been so excited to learn history.
pottermore ilvermorny Where is Ilvermorny, the North American wizarding school?
All we have to go on is a name and a general location.