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Ron Wyden Ron Wyden, the Internet's senator
After two decades in the Senate, privacy hawk Ron Wyden is still going strong.
anonymous Guy Fawkes mask tilted Anonymous vows to unleash its 'wrath' on U.S. lawmakers over cybersecurity bill
"Our legion's wrath will fall on each senator, representative, corporation, and official who voices support for this bill."
BTXRqQs.jpg (2816×2112) Internet giants may launch grassroots campaign to save net neutrality
Reddit, Netflix, Google, and more are gearing up for a round against the FCC.
undefined Hacktivists want to free the 'net by building a new one from scratch
A growing number of developers are working on a decentralized network that would connect computers directly to each other instead of ISPs. 
jason-internetlawsfeature 3 threats to Internet rights in 2013
The battle over Internet rights has only just begun. Here's what to look for this year. 
presdebate What the presidential election means for Internet rights
What do we really know about where President Obama and Mitt Romney stand on Internet freedom, cybersecurity, and copyright enforcement?