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podcasttrollmain.png (1400×700) Podcasting gets major victory over patent troll
Patent office 'invalidates' key parts of so-called 'podcasting patent.'
Patrick Leahy The Senate just killed patent reform
Special interest groups are being blamed for killing bill aimed at curbing abusive patent lawsuits.
Rep. Bob Goodlatte The end of patent trolls is nigh
A new bill to address "abusive patent litigation" was formally introduced Wednesday and already has bipartisan support. 
podcasttrollmain.png (1400×700) EFF files legal challenge against company that claims to 'own' podcasting
The EFF says it's found two podcasts that are three years older than Personal Audio's patent claim.
undefined Podcasters raise $41,000 to save podcasting
A company called Personal Audio patented the vague concept of podcasting, and it's threatening to take some podcasts down in court.
Marc Maron Marc Maron: Lawsuit over podcast patent is “extortion”
Last month Personal Audio filed lawsuits against three of the biggest podcasting companies, a move that could have a significant impact on the future of the medium.